BM Engineering is a design and services team, specifically dedicated to architecture and civil and industrial engineering.

We have been present on the construction market for over 40 years.

The new idea is to extend the highly specialized technical skills to the coordination and optimization of the entire building and industrial process of “building”. This means that the development of a project, in all its implications and correlations, has as its main purpose its realization on the field, or rather the executive project is nothing but the metaphor of the built.

BM Engineering responds to the “turnkey” request, precisely because we manage the construction from the beginning to the end. The IT systems available to BM Enginnering are the most modern, and the internal human resources enable it to operate in total autonomy.

Another issue that BM Engineering deals with with particular attention and competence is the one related to the fire prevention of the planned works, a subject now indispensable for the successful outcome of a design and construction process of any civil and industrial building intervention. For this purpose, the technicians registered in the 818 fire register are part of our staff.

The architectural language of BM Engineering is aimed at contrasting aspects, the architectural project is often integration of the surrounding landscape, but also rupture and a prominent element. Tradition is always respected, but also revisited in a modern key. The architectural project is always produced hand in hand with new technologies, and above all with the actual feasibility of what is created with a pencil. The “Concept” of the project must always be feasible.

BM Engineering is a company with the ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Quality system